Friday, December 09, 2005

Rice Burger

Went Boon Lay and found this Chicken Rice Burger in Mc Donald. Puzzle? You are sure that Mc Donald doesn’t have Rice Burger and only MOS Burger has it? You’re wrong!

Found this new “Chicken Rice Burger” at Boon Lay Mc Donald. I forgot what the burger called. Should call it a Rice Burger it comes with Chicken or Beef. And I bought a Chicken Rice Burger home. Sorry about the looks I bought it couple hours ago. *LOL*

I’m kind of kapoh and I asked the staff there. How come only this branch has the Rice Burger? She told me yah, it a new product other branches going to have it soon as they are learning how to prepare the new Rice Burger. Meaning? They learnt so they started to sell first?

Though I bought the rice burger but I don’t has the chance to eat it. Cause it was a “No Meat Day” for me. Ermm… I’m strictly on diet! Eh Ha! Before my sis ate the whole burger I took a small pinch on the rice burger. It tasted so mushroom!


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