Friday, June 10, 2005

Beancurd With Gingko & Egg

I'm using this brand of beancurd sheets to make this dessert. So far only this brand of beancurd able to cook until it become so soft and dissolved in the water. I bought this brand of beancurd sheets at a Chinese medical hall.

Make this Cantonese dessert Beancurd skin with gingko nuts & egg. Can’t get any quail eggs so I replace it with egg. Sometime get too lazy just cook it with beancurd skin with egg. Good for the skins. I got no exact measurement for this recipe.

Pearl Barleys
Gingko Nuts (can substitute use canned gingko nuts, but I still prefer those fresh ones.)
Beancurd Sheets (gently crush)
Rock Sugar
Some cooked quail eggs (optional)

1. Boil the water and cook the barley and gingko nuts for about 25 mins to 30 mins.
2. Add in the beancurd and rock sugar cook beancurd until it almost dissolved.
3. Serve with quail egg (optional).


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